January 1. Seems like a good day to start a blog.

My mom has told me on more than one occasion that she thinks I should write a book. I don't see that happening. However, I think I can manage a blog.  Even if my mom is the only one reading it, which is who that one copy of that so-called book book would be sold to.  All the other copies would end up on the shelf in the $1 store.

So what will this blog be about?   Everything and anything. Whatever suits my fancy on any given day. Basically, my little corner of the internet to do, say, and show what I want.

Enjoy reading mom..... and whoever else may stumble upon, and find what I have to share entertaining.

*All posts prior to this are from a little hobby blog I had.  I decided to merge the old with the new. 


  1. I like your blogs! I can't keep up with my own but enjoy reading all the others :)

  2. I'm glad you're dusting off the old keyboard. Maybe I'll do the same?

  3. So glad you're keeping up the blog! I'm debating starting a new one, and you are an inspiration...


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