New year. New goals.

So normally I don't don't make resolutions.  
I make them, but I don't keep them.  
This year, instead of setting myself up for failure, I decided to take a different approach.
Shocker.  I know.  
Cause in year's past I might have gone a little overboard.  What?  Look like Gisele Bunchen in 3 months sounds crazy and unattainable?  
So, this year I made 1 big goal.   
That's it.  That is my big goal for the year.  
Why?  Cause I am addicted to the black sugary goodness, that seemed to call my name daily.  McDonald's is losing a big $1 pop customer this year, cause I kid you not, I could not leave my house to run errands without swinging through the drive through for my daily 32ounces (which sometimes turned into 64 ounces cause I'd get a major craving at 10pm and plead with my hubby to hop in the car to get me some before we settled in to watch a show). 
 So far, so good. 
We're only two days into the new year, but I actually stopped drinking the stuff a couple weeks ago, which I guess is how I came up with the crazy idea to give it up for the year.  I'd already gone without for a whole 12 days,  so why not make it 365?  

If you yourself also have a little caffeine addiction and wanna join in on the "fun," in 2015, use the hashtag #caffeinefreein2015, and let's do this together!  

I have a couple other goals for 2015, but they are smaller goals I am setting for each month.  I will share those in another post.  
Til then, toodles.   

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  1. Great goal, this will probably be a hard goal but one that you can conquer and I'm proud of you. As for the caffeine? I could probably so driving my cherry cooked that I get a couple handful times a year but the caffeine thing would kill me. That's how I get through my long runs sister. Anything longer than 10 miles and I need my crack. Good luck and God speed.


Thanks for commenting, and good luck with the giveaway!