She finally entered one of the giveaways, and luck must have been on her side, cause she won!
Traci, mom will hand deliver these beauties herself!  ;0)  Enjoy.  


November Giveaway

The new addition has thrown off my schedule, but here it is, the November giveaway.  
A beautiful set of fall notecards, handmade by my talented mom.  
She's obsessed with her paper creations, and I can count on my kids getting super cute cards and gift boxes on special occasions.  
If you would like a chance to win, leave a comment telling me YOUR FAVORITE PART OF THANKSGIVING DINNER.  That's a tough one for me, as I love it all, but I've got a sweet potato casserole recipe that is the bomb.com.  The whole family loves it.  It might as well be considered dessert, as it's that scrumptious, but there's always room for pie!  So go ahead and tell me what you can't wait to eat on turkey day, and I will announce the winner near the end of the month.  

Gobble!  Gobble!


October Winner!!

The winner of the October Giveaway is......someone I don't know! Ha. 
Her name is KIMBERLY MARTIN and I assume she knows the baker extraordinaire Brittney.  And all she wanted for Halloween was some of these fancy cookies, so see, dreams do come true.  (Kimberly, Brittney will be in touch with you...)

A big big thanks to the lady behind the cookies, Mrs. Brittney Crabtree!  She's as talented and kind as they come.  Thanks so much for hosting this month's giveaway.  Can't wait to see what cookie designs you come up with next!  Don't forget to LIKE her facebook page "Ruby Cakes", and follow her Instagram account, https://instagram.com/rubycakesofca/  
Believe me, it's pretty fun to see what she comes up with!

The November giveaway will be announced sooner rather than later, as I have a little babe coming in the next couple of weeks.  Stay tuned!


October Giveaway

When my friend Brittney contacted me a while back offering to help out with the year of giveaways, I was super excited. Brittney has more talent in her pinky finger than I have in all 10 digits.  She's become quite the sugar cookie pro.  Look below at just some of her work.  A-MAZ-ING.  Cute and edible!  I think I am in love.  

Brittney will be designing October themed sugar cookies for this month's giveaway.  I can't wait to see what she does.  I know it will be awesome.  If you would like a chance to win them, and you would be crazy not to, leave a comment telling me what you are doing or dressing up as for Halloween!  I will be VERY pregnant, so I will be staying home and handing out candy.  Perhaps I will manage to decorate the huge bump somehow.  

The drawing will be held BEFORE month's end, so enter NOW!
Good luck!


September Winner is...

Also known as Grandma Ervie to my boys!
That's right, my momma is the lucky winner this month.
She must have beginner's luck because I think this is the first time she has entered to win since I started a year of giveaways.

Fitting that she won because I have very clear memories of her slathering up her feet every night after her shower.  Hopefully this stuff will work some wonders on those heels mom!

3 more giveaways left...check back soon to see what is in store for October!


September Giveaway!

Feet need some love?  Mine always do.  It's an ongoing battle.  I have been using this stuff for about a week now and I love it.  No smell and feels great.  I can't wait to see what it can do for my poor heels.  If you too struggle with nasty cracked heels far too often, then enter to win this months giveaway.  Just leave a comment telling me...what you are most looking forward to this fall.  I am looking forward to the birth of my baby girl!  

Good luck.  May the foot Gods be on your side!


August Winner

The lucky lady receiving the JoAnn Fabric Giftcard is... 


Valerie, from the ol' high school days.  However she was a year above me and graduated with my brother.  However, I am quite certain we would have gotten on just grand if we'd had the chance!
Have fun shopping the home decor & holiday isles Valerie.  

September giveaway announced as soon as I figure out what it is going to be!   Stay tuned.

*Winner is selected using "Random Picker."  Click on button at right to verify results.



Sorry for getting the giveaway up so late this month guys.  Between back-to-school and nesting, I have been preoccupied.  And since I have been nesting like crazy, I decided to give away a giftcard to a place I have been frequenting a lot lately.  JoAnn Fabric!  Hobby Lobby and Ikea have also been getting lots of visits, but I figured everyone would have a JoAnn's where they lived.  

If you are obsessed with crafts like me, and want a chance to win, leave me a comment telling me what section gets your money.  Fabric?  Beads? Scrapbooking?  ALL OF THE ABOVE!?  

Winner will be announced in just a few days!