November Giveaway

The new addition has thrown off my schedule, but here it is, the November giveaway.  
A beautiful set of fall notecards, handmade by my talented mom.  
She's obsessed with her paper creations, and I can count on my kids getting super cute cards and gift boxes on special occasions.  
If you would like a chance to win, leave a comment telling me YOUR FAVORITE PART OF THANKSGIVING DINNER.  That's a tough one for me, as I love it all, but I've got a sweet potato casserole recipe that is the bomb.com.  The whole family loves it.  It might as well be considered dessert, as it's that scrumptious, but there's always room for pie!  So go ahead and tell me what you can't wait to eat on turkey day, and I will announce the winner near the end of the month.  

Gobble!  Gobble!


  1. These are gorgeous! I love the pecan pie (not only because it's what I make...)

    - Judith

  2. Thanks Heather! Your way too generous with your compliments! I hope whomever wins the November give a way is pleased! I can't wait to see you and your sweet family for Thanksgiving! That will be the best part of the dinner for me!! That and I do love the sweet potato soufflé too!!

  3. Are we talking about the sweet potatoes that your mom makes because I love those and will be making that this year! Everything she makes is fab 😉 I also love stuffing, potatoes, turkey, and gravy. I love it all!

  4. What a talent your mother has! I too love the sweet potato soufflé. But I make rolls and now my daughters join me in this yummy task so I think it's now my favorite part of thanksgiving.

  5. I love these. Mom has skills.


Thanks for commenting, and good luck with the giveaway!