I love a deal (No.6)

Rowan has been in need of bigger church shoes for a while.  After looking at Target and Old Navy and coming up empty handed, I headed over to Payless.  I was happy to see they were having their bogo sale.  However, I wasn't thrilled with their selection, or their prices to be perfectly honest.  I have gotten shoes for cheaper- that I like better- at Target, but they were pretty picked over on this particular day, and I needed shoes!  After finding a pair that would work for church I headed up to the cash register.  They were part of another sale, and didn't apply with the bogo, so I was only getting one pair.  The cashier was busy, so I meanered back to the shoes, and that is when I saw the $5  price tag on a pair of shoes I hadn't seen previously.  Were they church shoes, no.  Would they work well enough, heck yes!  Especially for $5!  One problem.  They were a size 8 and after Rowan had his foot measured he was apparently needing an 8 1/2-9.  Hmmm.  What to do?  Call another store!  Lucky for me, the Shopko down the street had a size 9 and they were now on hold for me.  We went straight there and  I handed over my $5.  These shoes were marked so low because they were last years model.  They originally retailed for $25.  Needless to say, I am pretty happy with my latest sweet deal!  I love a bargain!

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