Chair makeover.

A chair makeover.

Before                           After (2008)                          After 2012
Sand                                                                    Prime

Paint                                                             Upholster

This was one of those projects I had considered doing for a long time, but certainly didn't plan to do it when I did.  I just woke up one morning, and without much thought, it was underway.  I certainly have plenty more projects that NEED to get done, but hey, this one has been fun, and I am excited about the end result.  Oh, and the best thing about this project, FREE.

The chair is one I have had for a good three years now.  I found it by the dumpster- along with another matching chair and table.  One of the matching chairs has since broke, but the one chair and table work great as a little sewing station.

I've thought about painting it since I found it, but just never had the motivation- until now- to do it.
This is the third fabric I have reupholstered the seat with.  I first covered it in colorful stripes.  When that got dirty I covered it in a brown fabric that I got for cheap- it wasn't my favorite- but it did the job.  I moved on to a fabric I really liked and thought it would look great with the chair and it's new coat of paint.  The fabric was being used as a curtain on my small kitchen window, but I decided it was better suited for the chair.

The paint color is Palladian Blue, and I had a small sample container of it in my stash of paints from when were choosing paint colors for our house.  It's really subtle and nice.  Goes well with my upholstered kitchen table chairs.  Spray paint would have been easier, but hey, I had the paint and liked the color.

I love the chair now.  I wanted the fabric to stay clean this time, so I put plastic vinyl on top of the fabric.  Now it is 3 year old proof.  I should have done this sooner!

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