I love a deal (No.5)

My master bath needed new hand towels.  Originally I only had one in there, and it looked silly all alone on the big rod from which it hung.  It was a plain khaki color- the same color as our bath towels.  It was boring.  The plan was to get two new hand towels that could bring some interest to the bathroom.  I headed to Bed Bath and Beyond armed with my 20% off coupon, but assumed I would still end up finding something cheaper at Ross.  Imagine my surprise when I stumbled across these beauties that were on the clearance table.  Originally like $12 or $14 EACH, now marked down to less than $2!  Yeah baby.  Scored two of these for less than $4 bucks!  I was thrilled.  They were exactly what I had in mind.  I love a good deal.

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