I love a deal (No.3)

Love at first sight.  I spotted these beauties at a ma and pop furniture shop last week, and when the guy offered them both to me for $20 I couldn't resist!  (He normally charges $25 each!)  Well, luckily Jon couldn't resist my puppy dog eyes, and he gave me the go ahead to get them.  I felt pretty cool when I spotted an almost identical lamp to the one on the right in a home tour of Amy Ferstenau's house.  I think she's hip and cool, and her house is pretty bodacious,  so seeing that we both had the same lamp made me feel cool for 2.5 seconds.  I am trying to figure out what to do for shades.  I might buy a cheap white one and recover it for the lamp on the left.  Finding the right shade for the one on the right could be trickier.  I can't wait to use these beauties, but for now they are tucked away safely so Rowan doesn't break them.


  1. Yeah, re-covering a cheap shade might be the absolute best thing for both of them, actually! Think of all the custom fun you could have!!! :)

  2. LOVE LOVE them! I am doing grey & yellow for my bedroom and I am coveting those :) hehe. can't wait to see them done.

    ps. where is this shop???


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