I love a deal (No. 2)

I don't buy a lot of clothes for myself.  However, a recent trip to Target (love) brought me face to face with the most lovely yellow top. Dainty and feminine. Oh and it has the perfect detailing on the cap sleeves. I loved it instantly. I caved and pulled out the credit card, but not before stopping by the shoes. That is when I discovered these grey jeweled beauties. Sure they are a size a half too small, but at $6.24 I am willing to squeeze my foot into them. And technically they are only one size too small because I normally buy my flats a half size smaller than the rest of my shoes. I have never been so excited for Sunday. I am dreaming of my yellow and grey ensemble until then!


  1. Fun and beautiful!!! I'm excited for Sunday, FOR you!!! :)

  2. Very cute!! I hope you can walk after the 3 hour block! lol


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