Slightly Obsessed.

My mom and I are very similar.  We're obsessive when it comes to crafting.  Meaning, we make a ton of something when we initially learn how to do it, and then we might never make it again once we become sick of it.  So it is with these bags.  I just finished my third, and my mom is working on her fourth and fifth!    We're crazy like that.  It's all we have been doing the past few days after learning how to make them last week.  The good news is, we plan to share!  I actually already gave one a way, and I am thinking the one I just finished off will get auctioned off down the road for a good cause.
I thought the colors on this one were fun, and I love the burnt orange bow and band.  I thought this would be a good one to give to my dear friend Hillary who is due to have her third baby (a boy) within the next couple of weeks.  I thought it could serve as a diaper bag, as these bags are pretty spacious.  

This one I made for $6!  I got all the fabric and the fusible fleece at Walmart.  The argyle fabric was on sale for $2 a yard!  Even though it was a pretty bold, and out there print, I couldn't refuse it for such a good price!  And I think it turned out pretty cute with the solid brown band and bow.  Even my mom, who wasn't the biggest fan of the material to begin with, was surprised at how cute it turned out when it was all done and put together.  
These are so fun to make, can be made in an afternoon, and they make great gifts!  Don't be surprised if you get one from me this year!

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  1. You have us pegged Heather!! And yes, all the girls can expect one sooner or later! lol


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