Project completed: Plush Alpha Magnets.

I think he likes them! He enjoyed squishing the letters and then ripping them all off the fridge.

I thought THIS TUTORIAL was so cute that I immediately started making a set for Rowan. Heaven knows I have enough scrap material to do so, girlish, but non the less, it would do the trick. It's not like my 16 month old cares (at this point) what colors I use. I found some cotton batting amongst my mother-in-law's craft supplies (SCORE!) so the only thing I had to buy to complete this project was a strip of magnetic tape, which only cost me .59 cents! Hooray for cheap (cute) projects. Be sure to make a set for some special little person in your life.


  1. VERY CUTE and looks like Rowan loves them all right! I love the pictures of him! Especially the 1st one! It's like he saying "Way to go Mom! These are GREAT!"

  2. very cute. now that you've got it all down, you can make a set for kate to replace the crappy plastic ones we have. i know you want to.

  3. Nice work! If I ever get this sewing thing figured out, i will have to try making those! Looks like Rowan loves them!

  4. omg!!!! I love this!!!!do I need a sewing machine???? crap.


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