Thrift Shop Goodies.

Hubby and I had a sporadic thrift shop morning Saturday. We wanted to spend time together as a family before he had to work but we didn't want to just sit in the house. On my way home from the gym I passed several garage sales so I suggested we go see if we could find anything worthy of coming home with us. Unfortunately the garage sales didn't have much. You have to hit those things early in the morning. However, I did find some goodies at our local thrift stores.

Found this milk glass container at Savers. The $5 price tag was a bit steep for me but I loved the container and envisioned it at many future parties holding yummy treats or as an everyday functioning utensil holder. Glad I got it, I love it.
These two pairs of shoes for Rowan. Love them. $3 each. Happy with them, especially after Rowan looked so adorable in them Sunday in his church attire.


  1. It's always so much fun to find cool stuff that someone else doesn't want anymore. I want to see a picture of Rowan in his new shoes! Love the milkglass container! Very COOOOL!!

  2. i really like that container. i definitely think it would be cool to hold your utensils. and i want to see a finished ruffle tee.

  3. I've been talking to some women about your milkglass and evidently it is quite a find! It's almost considered antique. So $5 bucks was a steal! YOU GO GIRL !!

  4. i love milk glass stuff. I love what you got, I've never seen one like that before (and I've seen a lot of milk glass). Good finds!


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