Project completed: grocery bag holder.

Behold the oh so handy grocery bag holder and dispenser.

Want to make one? Go HERE for the tutorial.

I've been a little preoccupied lately with the planning of my 10 year high school reunion, but last night I finally managed to finish my grocery bag holder. After having zilp, zich, nada energy yesterday I didn't get a whole lot done. After lounging around in the living room most of the evening watching random TV shows, I found myself at the sewing machine at 11pm. I think I just went in to talk with Jon for a moment, but once I sat down at my makeshift sewing station, I just picked up my project and didn't stop until it was completed. So much for trying to get myself to bed before 1 am. I used cheap fabrics that I have collected over the past couple years. Most of them from the "scrap bins" at JoAnn Fabrics or the super cheap, on sale stuff at Walmart. I think they all meshed well with eachother. Don't be surprised if you get one as a gift this year.

**Thanks to Ashely from this blog for the tutorial!**

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  1. The materials matched really well. It is so cute!! I like it a lot better than the ones made with a towell. Very nice!!


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