Scrapping the past.

This LO was made with a kit designed by Lauren Reid. I can't find the kit HERE, which is where I got it. Since that time however, Lauren Reid has moved on, and now designs for THIS SITE. They don't carry the kit either. What I am saying is, your S.O.L. Do checkout Lauren's stuff though, it's all cute.

I have made it a goal to get a page done while Rowan is napping or after he's gone to bed for the night. These are about the only times I can squeeze it in, so I'm happy to say I got another page done today! (Obviously) If I can keep it up, I just might be able to get caught up. It's amazing how many pictures one takes of their first born. (I'm pretty sure our 2nd will have a boat load as well, especially if it's a girl. And no, we are not expecting.) Luckily the camera happy days aren't as out of control as they use to be. At least now when I take pictures I can stop at two or three shots of the same thing. That was not the case in the beginning. Well, it's only 10:17 pm, and since Jon and I are night owls, I might get another page started before hitting the hay.

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  1. Yes mom, I remember the day I had Rowan. Silly lady! These photos were taken on August 23rd at 36 weeks..... :0)


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