Scrapping again.

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I go on scrapping hiatuses, and I just got done with one. I am once again trying to find the time to scrap a few pages a week. Not easy considering how long it takes me to complete one page. I am very picky, and generally never love the layouts I come up with. A while back I had decided that I just needed to throw all my pictures into a blurb book, or something similar, and call it good. With how many pictures I have and the rate it takes me to scrap one page, I just figured I would never get caught up, so I might as well give-up. But I can't! I just love the look of scrapped pages so much more. So here I am again vowing to do better, to play some major catch up, and hopefully stay caught up. It might be possible since I have noticed that I don't take nearly as many pictures of Rowan as I use to, but I still have a good years worth of pictures to get into layouts. Wish me luck, I am going to need lots of it!


  1. your page is super cute. i'm glad you didn't give up scrapbooking, even if it is digital. and truth be told, i'm a bit jealous i can't figure out the digital thing. some day you'll have to help me.

  2. I agree with Kelly. The digital scrapbooks are so awesome! I wish I knew how to do it too. Tony bought me the Cricket and I still havent started doing my pictures! I gotta get with the program and I'm 58 years old (well almost) so you can imagine how many pictures I'M BEHIND!!!!

  3. So cute! Maybe you can show me how this works when I am in SLC next month. Like Verne, I need to get with the program too.

  4. I love that page :) You are so good at the digital scrapping, I have never even tried to do it, maybe I should!


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